Longhorn Powerlifting

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Longhorn Powerlifting: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting consists of three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Check out the website to read a detailed description of each lift. In competition, you make three attempts in each lift, and your best attempts are added together to create a combined total. Ranking in a meet is based upon this combined total. Specialized pieces of equipment such as a squat suit, bench shirt, knee wraps, and a powerlifting belt are used in training and competition.

What do we offer?

The $65/semester dues allow for team-paid entry into one meet a semester, admittance into the reserved powerlifting room, and use of team equipment. There is also a $40/semester option for non-competitive members. In addition, we offer structured workout sessions, experienced coaches, a chance to compete for the University of Texas, and a shot at winning a National Championship this year.

What do we do?

We compete in 2 to 4 meets a year in meets throughout Texas and the U.S. Each spring we go to the National Collegiate Meet and compete against other powerlifters from schools across the nation. Also, each November we host the Longhorn Open, a powerlifting meet open to anyone from the Teenage to Masters divisions that is registered with the USAPL. Aside from national meets, the Longhorn Open is one of the biggest meets in the country. Revenue from hosting this meet and funding from RecSports allow us to pay for all team members’ travel expenses.

How do we train?

We spend between 8 and 12 weeks preparing for each meeting using a periodization workout schedule: we start the cycle with high reps and low weight and increase the weight while lowering the reps each week. By the time of the meet, we are working out with our old personal records. We also perform many assistance exercises, each carefully chosen to improve our main lifts. Note that Powerlifting is not bodybuilding! Our goal is to increase strength in the three lifts, not to get pumped up. Many times we actually have to lose weight before a competition. So guys, do not join if you just want to look strong; and girls, this sport will not turn you into a she-man, guaranteed.

Am I strong enough?

There is no minimum strength requirement to join the team. In the tables below are qualifying totals for USAPL Collegiate Nationals. Note that these totals are achieved with powerlifting equipment, which can increase your max.

USAPL Collegiate Qualifying Totals

WomenWeight (lbs.)97105114123132148165181198SHW
Qualifying Total365391418440462507545589640655
MenWeight (lbs.)114123132148165181198220242275SHW
Qualifying Total65576088510251075114512501275129013051325